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Will H - Across State Lines

My latest mix, entitled "Across State Lines" is bit more upbeat than the previous one. I've been in Oklahoma for going on 6 months now; and things have been going pretty decent, but with living in Enid comes a lot of traveling. Storm chasing, going to the City, and just out and about exploring.

A.S.L. Starts off with a deep sound in the first two tracks then ramps up fairly well with an older track "Vice" and doesn't stop from there. There's a point later on where things kind of get a little more moody (Who Cares/Givin the World to You/A Lament)...but then jumps back up with some funk before finishing off with some nice progressive.

This mix has a lot of overlays in here...so the tracklist might be a little strange looking. But the various sounds that came out of it are pretty cool.

1. Matteo Matteini & Manuel De La Mare - Celebrate/Confident [MidiDropMusic Remix/Scope's 212 Mix]
2. Pete Moss - Truth
3. Solaris Heights - Vice [Original Dub/Original Vox]
4. Kris B & Nosmo - One For The Road [D:fuse & Hiratzka Dub/Mix]
5. Danny Clark & Jay Benham - Don't Feel Like It's Over [Dub Tech Mix/Instrumental]
6. Alkatraz feat Amanda Wilson - Nightshift/Surrender [Richard Grey Dub]
7. JayC Feat Nathan Thomas - Multiply [Thomas Gold Mix]
8. The Attic - Remember Tomorrow [Michael Feiner Bonus Remix]
9. Adam K, Soha - Who Cares
10. Josh Jackson - Givin The World To You [Original Mix/Thomas Gold's Vox Cut]
11. Zoo Brazil & Glenn Morrison - A Lament
12. Re-United - Sun is Shining [Funkerman Remix]
13. Boom Jinx & Oliver Smith - Sunrise [Jaytech Remix]
14. Eddie Thomeick feat Micheal Feiner - Don't Let Me Down [Joachim Garraud Mix/Original Mix]

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